Furniture is expected to be tested as a whole

作者:Estelle    發表日期:2018-07-19 17:17:18


  In the future, furniture is not expected to be damaged after inspection, and can continue to be used. Yesterday, reporters learned that the "national standard for harmful substances in wood furniture" (Revised) has been drafted. According to the new standard, the future furniture can be integrated into the environmental climate cabin for harmful substances detection. After testing, the furniture will not be destroyed.

  Yesterday afternoon, the National Laboratory of furniture and indoor environmental quality supervision and inspection center held an open activity. Reporters at the scene learned that at present, furniture testing charges by piece, each piece of furniture testing costs about 500 yuan. The method of detection is to sample separately according to the material of the material, and then put the sample into the standard air for extraction and analysis, and the non destructive testing method will be added in the futurestorage rack.

  According to Li Jiguang, deputy director of the national furniture and indoor environmental quality supervision and inspection center, the center has 11 large environmental climate compartments, the largest 30 cubic meters and the minimum of 1 cubic meters, which can be used for the overall inspection of furniture. "This method ensures that furniture will not be damaged after detection, and can continue to be used."

  It is reported that the national standard for harmful substances in wood furniture (Revised) has been completed by the center. It is stipulated in the standard that the furniture can be tested in a constant temperature and humidity state at 23 degree temperature and 45% humidity. Once the new national standard is introduced, sofa mattress can also be carried out in accordance with this method of non-destructive testing.

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